What is the CRM Hugger?

The CRM Hugger offers a cloud-based Integration Platform As A Service (IPAAS) to be able to realize all integrations with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Whether you have your CRM system installed on premise or you make use of the Dynamics CRM 365 online services, regardless of whether you want to link your CRM to another system or to a website or portal, the CRM Hugger is the smartest and most reliable option for integration. Powered by the proven technology of Scribe and extended and operated by the team of experts at Cayentis, the CRM Hugger does not only provide for a set of standard connectors ready for you to use, but is also the best option for realizing complex and tailor-made integrations.

Why integrate Customer Data?

In the last decade many organizations have made an effort to shape their business processes around the needs of their customers, and huge investments have been made in trying to make the customer’s journey as painless as possible. Customer data, however, most of the time has not yet been centralized at all and still lives in many different sources, ranging from cloud-based platforms to backend systems and spreadsheets, documents and mail. This fragmentation of data results in the lack of a full 360°-view into the behavior of each individual customer and blocks the return on the investment made in corporate CRM systems. In today’s world the true competitive advantage comes from the ability to let data drive your marketing and sales; i.e. from truly knowing your customer. Therefore, it is critical to the success of all businesses today to have all relevant customer data available cumulated in your CRM system.

How to Integrate Data?

In these days of cloud services, data integration seems to be relatively easy. However, a couple of important issues are often overlooked. For instance, the fact that it is important to transmit all data in a secure and encrypted manner, or the fact that data loss should be avoided at all costs.
The CRM Hugger stores all unique data keys of the source systems in its cloud-based integration database, so as to be sure that secure transmission of data can always be monitored and guaranteed, should the receiving system be temporarily out of service. By storing the unique data keys, our Hugger platform is also capable of applying de-duplication rules and can even validate your customer data against external sources for data-cleaning purposes and thus enrich your data on-the-fly.

Standard Connectors

The CRM Hugger offers many standard integration connectors allowing you to be able to link between your CRM and your other systems and/or website or portal, and have it up and running immediately. Obviously the standard connectors include a set of best-practice data mappings, but a layered data mapping tool is also available via an intuitive administration dashboard. For real-time data integration, the CRM Hugger offers a Request/Response extension, such that the correct delivery of the integrated data is always acknowledged.
Standard data connectors are currently available for back-office systems (e.g. Exact Online and many more), external databases, as well as websites and portals.


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